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Mariana Racasan B2B Product Marketing Consultant



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Hey, there!๐Ÿ‘‹  

I help companies tell their story with clarity and conviction. 

I love helping growth-stage startups understand their core audiences, speak to them like actual humans, and drive growth with messaging strategy.

Here's a loom video about my background and how I approach and think about product marketing.


I can help you with

Telling a more impactful story

  • What got you here wonโ€™t get you there. I can help you stand out from competitors with a clearly differentiated and defensible positioning and messaging which is audience-based and answers โ€œwhy buy, why buy nowโ€.

  • Marketing and sales need to rally around a single story. I can craft a clear and simplified company narrative that everyone can relate to and share.

Building a scalable 
GTM Engine

  • Devise an impactful GTM strategy based on insights into the problems you solve for your customers, your competition, and your unique strengths.

  • Build an integrated customer acquisition, expansion, and retention plan aligned to your yearly and quarterly revenue goals.

Being an extension of your team

  • As a fractional marketer, I can research and launch a new strategic or growth initiative allowing your team to stay focused on their existing priorities and set of deliverables.

  • As a mentor for your marketing team members, I can help them grow in their current roles while assisting you and the organization to grow.

Painting Wall


Go-To-Market Foundations

My Go-To-Market Foundation service provides tech startups with the essential assets necessary to implement a winning go-to-market and growth marketing strategy.

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