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My work

I focus on putting customers at the center of my product marketing strategy. In everything I do, my main goal is to make sure customers are happy and successful. Each project I undertake involves meticulous planning, integrating insights from diverse sources like market research, data analytics, crowdsourcing, and internal know-how. My goal is to create concise, clear, and polished assets that effectively convey the value proposition.

The next pages show some examples of my work as a product marketer up to now.

Zenhub Sprints Case Study

Product Launch

How Zenhub Sprints revolutionized project management

Discover how a meticulously planned launch strategy, coupled with strategic timing, propelled Zenhub Sprints into the spotlight as the ultimate choice for agile teams, driving both brand recognition and adoption rates. 

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Zenhub's repositioning and rebranding efforts pay off with $10M series A

ZenHub transitioned from a GitHub add-on to a comprehensive project management tool through strategic repositioning, amplifying its brand impact and empowering software teams globally. 
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ZenHub Positioning Exercise
Tinybird Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement

Translating Tinybird's Positioning into an Engaging Sales Pitch Deck

My goal when building sales decks is to provide a resource for sales reps to tell prospects a story that revolves around their world, their challenges, and how the product can solve those pains.

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Messaging framework

Project Name (coming soon)

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Placeholder Case Study

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