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My story

I love helping growth-stage B2B startups understand their core audiences, speak to them like actual humans, and drive growth with messaging strategy.

(This is me on a snowy hike in Vancouver 🤗❄️)

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More about me

Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work in various positions in the field of marketing. One of my most notable accomplishments was my tenure at Zenhub, where I served as the go-to person for all things related to developing and executing effective marketing strategies that would drive growth. During my three years with Zenhub, I achieved the following:

  • As the only marketer in-house, I was responsible for securing Zenhub's first $4.5M seed round through a combination of content strategy and distribution, experimenting with new channels for user acquisition, and setting the foundation for the marketing engine.

  • led the repositioning and rebranding of Zenhub, establishing and maintaining consistent and compelling messaging and positioning across all marketing touchpoints. This effort resulted in a $10M Series A for the company, which helped capture an even larger market beyond GitHub.

  • Additionally, I hired, trained, and managed an in-house team, as well as contractors and agencies outside the company, to meet strategic goals and business objectives while staying within budget. During my time at Zenhub, the marketing team grew from one to 10 people.

Before Zenhub, I spent two years working at CARTO as part of the Demand Generation team. During that time, I focused on creating inbound and outbound strategies to generate leads, which ultimately helped our sales team find more opportunities. Through my customized nurturing programs based on industry and specific use cases, my efforts resulted in a 20% increase in the demo conversion rate.

I also used to hang my hat at Tinybird, Lladró, Steelcase, and eRepublik Labs. 

I'm always learning and growing, and I'm proud to say I'm a certified PMM by the Product Marketing Alliance. I recently received a new certification as well: CMO Fellowship from CMO Alliance

When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time in nature, reading, or hanging out with friends. Originally from Bucharest, Romania, I grew up in Madrid, Spain, and have also lived in Brussels, New York, and Vancouver.

If you're interested in discussing product marketing, developer marketing, or growth, feel free to reach out by hitting the contact button. I'm always happy to connect with like-minded professionals!

Professional Skills

Global marketing strategy development & execution | Product marketing strategy | GTM planning & execution | Brand building & management | Developer marketing | Product-led growth | Sales enablement & pipeline acceleration | Demand generation | Marketing analytics & ROI reporting | SEO & content marketing | Build/lead, inspire/motivate high-performance teams


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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