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Translating Tinybird's Positioning into an Engaging Sales Pitch Deck

This project was crucial in driving customer engagement, boosting sales effectiveness, and ultimately positioning Tinybird as a leader in the data solutions landscape.

Tinybird Realtime

🎞️ Overview

Tinybird is a data infrastructure product that helps developers build data applications or data services with the freshest data possible. Developers can bring their data to Tinybird where they can query and shape it using SQL and publish it as low-latency APIs to be consumed by their applications. 

As the Product Marketing Lead at Tinybird, I undertook a crucial project aimed at refining our brand messaging and enhancing sales enablement.


The primary goal was to establish a clear and compelling narrative that resonated with our target persona while effectively communicating the value proposition of Tinybird's data infrastructure product. This project was crucial in driving customer engagement, boosting sales effectiveness, and ultimately positioning Tinybird as a leader in the data solutions landscape.

Tinybird Sales Deck

🦸🏻‍♀️ Role

I worked closely with an agency to define Tinybird's persona through extensive market research and meticulous customer feedback analysis.


My approach was rooted in a thorough understanding of our target audience's pain points, needs, and aspirations. I crafted a comprehensive messaging framework that adhered to a strategic narrative structure designed to engage and persuade potential customers. To overcome the complex nature of our product, I utilized concise and impactful storytelling techniques to ensure a clear and memorable understanding of Tinybird's value proposition.

Why Tinybird

🚩 Main challenge

The primary challenge was effectively conveying the intricate value proposition of Tinybird in a concise and compelling manner. To tackle the challenge of storytelling in the context of a complex product, I adopted a structured approach that aligned with the sales deck narrative I devised. I identified the key elements that would resonate with our target persona: identifying the challenges they faced ("enemy"), highlighting the timeliness of our solution ("why now"), painting a vivid picture of the improved state ("promised land"), addressing the key obstacles our customers encountered and, correspondingly, the transformative gifts Tinybird offered. To validate our story, I provided substantial evidence through success stories, customer testimonials, and notable customer logos. 

I worked closely with the sales team on sales enablement by crafting a compelling narrative for our sales deck and “Why Tinybird” one-pager.


I also created messaging briefs and sales training materials to educate and train our sales team on our products, which helped them to effectively sell to prospects and customers.

Additional Sales Enablement Assets


"Mariana was an outstanding marketing partner for me as a CRO. She did an excellent job corralling our various stakeholders across the company to align on a messaging framework, and she used that to produce very effective sales collateral that enabled our team to win new business."


Yotam Yemini
Former Chief Revenue Officer at Tinybird

Ping Pong

🏆 Achivements

  • Successfully refined Tinybird's brand messaging through a structured narrative framework, simplifying the intricate product into a compelling and easily digestible storyline.

  • This collaborative storytelling approach fostered alignment among cross-functional teams. Consequently, it resulted in improved communication, a stronger sense of unity, and a more cohesive product story. This, in turn, enhanced the overall brand positioning and credibility of Tinybird.

Hi 👋

I'm Mariana Racasan.

I’m a product marketer with over 12 years of marketing experience in crafting impactful messaging and devising go-to-market strategies.

I excel at helping early-stage tech startups identify their target audience, speak to them like actual humans, and drive growth with messaging strategy.

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