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I have over a decade of marketing experience devising and executing well-defined go-to-market strategies and plans, crafting impactful messaging, and building marketing teams from the ground up.


I'm passionate about identifying emerging trends and new technologies to increase brand exposure and ROI.

Led Product Marketing at Tinybird, previously at Zenhub, and CARTO.

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Three ways to work with me

I partner with B2B tech companies across industries, from growth-stage startups to global enterprises.

#1 Tell a clear and
unique story

  • What got you here won’t get you there. I can help you stand out from competitors with a clearly differentiated and defensible positioning and messaging which is audience-based and answers “why buy, why buy now”.

  • Marketing and sales need to rally around a single story. I can craft a clear and simplified company narrative that everyone can relate to and share.

#2 Build a scalable 
GTM Engine

  • Devise an impactful GTM strategy based on insights into the problems you solve for your customers, your competition, and your unique strengths.

  • Build an integrated customer acquisition, expansion, and retention plan aligned to your yearly and quarterly revenue goals.

#3 Be an extension of your team

  • As a fractional marketer, I can research and launch a new strategic or growth initiative allowing your team to stay focused on their existing priorities and set of deliverables.

  • As a mentor for your marketing team members, I can help them grow in their current roles while assisting you and the organization to grow.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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